Sol y Sombra  

Walter Abt & SOL Y SOMBRA

The ensemble "Walter Abt & SOL Y SOMBRA" stands for light and shadow. It reflects the cosmopolitanism and interculturality of contemporary Flamenco, which today, as
a free style of art, easily vascillates in almost endless oscillations between orient and occident. In their compositions, the ensemble therefore merges the global worlds of Flamenco with those of Jazz and Classic, whose fusion is so far unique. This proves that Flamenco is able to reinvent itself over and over again even outside of Spain.
The current project "Out of Spain" fits in no previous category. Arabesque Flamenco rhythms from Andalusia with their original orientalic exotism connect with contemporary Jazz and the occidental construction of Classic. On this foundation
Walter Abt & SOL Y SOMBRA show theirselves in a favourable light (SOL): together
with the current Flamenco styles with their wilful Fandangos and Bulerías, rhythmic-groovy shadows (SOMBRA) fall on the pieces of even completely different masters. The melodic fragments of Bach's Goldberg Variations or Vivaldi's G-minor Sonate
are being unleashed in highly virtuosic Falsetas on original instruments like the Spanish vihuela or the orientalic lute.

The members of the ensemble are:

Walter Abt (guitar, lute, composition)  
Jürgen Seefelder (soprano saxophone)
Ken Weinzierl (Rhythmic guitar)
Markus Wagner (Bass)